Real-World Election Experiences

On Wednesday morning, many heroes entered Journey with some disappointment following Tuesday’s election results. At launch, we watched a concession speech given by Mr. Bill Schuette, and they shared their observations, which were quite remarkable. Here are what the heroes noticed:It was different from most speeches I have seen or heard.He seemed disappointed.He thanked so … Continue reading Real-World Election Experiences


Your Voice and Your Vote Matter

On  Monday, the ES girl heroes discovered they no longer had the right to vote. That was not easy to take that right away. During Project Time, the girls researched the women who were influential in the women’s rights movement. The girls also created a speech to share at a rally that the ELS heroes … Continue reading Your Voice and Your Vote Matter

MHS Newsletter Issue #3 Oct 29-Nov 1

The mhs press Issue No. 3                                                                Oct 29 - Nov 26, 2018The heroes have been working hard on honing in on their debates. As the heroes have been collecting vast amounts of information about their topics, they have been challenged to write persuasive essays.Election day is coming this Tuesday, November 6! The heroes have researched deeply into … Continue reading MHS Newsletter Issue #3 Oct 29-Nov 1

Meet Sally Khan

The mhs press Issue No. 2                                                                October 22-26, 2018This week the heroes have been over exceeding in math. Right away in the morning, the heroes get started on math, collaborating and helping one another. Even during lunch, the heroes continue working and mastering skills. The oldest hero in the studio, Brinley, has been helping the younger heroes … Continue reading Meet Sally Khan