Game Making, Probability and Creativity

What a fun-filled, first week back it has been! The heroes kicked off the Game Maker Quest, explored games and welcomed their dad at Donuts with Dads. On Monday, the heroes stepped into the shoes of being a game maker. Through hands-on games (new and old), solving pre-algebra equations and having discussions, the heroes have … Continue reading Game Making, Probability and Creativity


Let the Games Begin!

Game designers in the Early Learners Studio went right to work designing games for their Game Design Quest. Each week of the session, they will focus on games of chance, games of strategy, and games of skill. During their socratic discussions,  regardless of the type of game they play, many heroes shared that making friends … Continue reading Let the Games Begin!

You Voted!

This past Thursday, the heroes took their jobs seriously as they transformed Journey into a polling site for the Election Exhibition. Your voice was heard. After tallying 81 ballots, Squad Leaders are in place for the upcoming quest and proposals have been (or will soon be) implemented. You voted and Sadie was elected as the … Continue reading You Voted!

MHS Newsletter Issue #5 Nov 12-16

The mhs pressIssue No. 5                                                                Nov 2 - Nov 16, 2018Another quest is finished! The MHS heroes are so thankful to have everybody come to their exhibition on Thursday! They were able to demonstrate all their hard work during the Government quest, as well as doing some debates! This week the heroes have been working extremely … Continue reading MHS Newsletter Issue #5 Nov 12-16

Heroes Today, Leaders Tomorrow

Throughout the Government Quest, the ELS heroes inspired each other to become leaders. When they were campaigning for government positions, they focused on their actions and plans to help the citizens. Each candidate demonstrated high standards they set for themselves without the need to put down their opponents. They did not just talk about problems, … Continue reading Heroes Today, Leaders Tomorrow

A Government Of the Heroes, By the Heroes, For the Heroes

Throughout the first week of the US Government Quest, the Early Learners have been discussing and debating the best way to govern themselves in their studio by studying different governments around the world. Monarchy seemed to them a wonderful option at first, since they all loved the idea of being a king and a queen, … Continue reading A Government Of the Heroes, By the Heroes, For the Heroes

Real-World Election Experiences

On Wednesday morning, many heroes entered Journey with some disappointment following Tuesday’s election results. At launch, we watched a concession speech given by Mr. Bill Schuette, and they shared their observations, which were quite remarkable. Here are what the heroes noticed:It was different from most speeches I have seen or heard.He seemed disappointed.He thanked so … Continue reading Real-World Election Experiences

MHS Newsletter Issue #3 Oct 29-Nov 1

The mhs press Issue No. 3                                                                Oct 29 - Nov 26, 2018The heroes have been working hard on honing in on their debates. As the heroes have been collecting vast amounts of information about their topics, they have been challenged to write persuasive essays.Election day is coming this Tuesday, November 6! The heroes have researched deeply into … Continue reading MHS Newsletter Issue #3 Oct 29-Nov 1