Entomology and Passion Project Exhibition

Challenges were completed, habitats were created, jobs were assigned, passions were pursued, and Thursday was the day the heroes pulled it all together for the exhibition. Seeing the heroes light up with excitement to answer questions for entomology and their passion  was a testament to who they are as lifelong learners. They are an inspiration … Continue reading Entomology and Passion Project Exhibition


Trusting the Heroes

     The Early Learners’ Paleontology quest and exhibition showed strong evidence that the heroes are so much more capable than what we can ever imagine. Choosing this quest on their own gave them the motivation to learn effectively in many different ways during the session. They truly immersed themselves in Paleontology, stepping into the … Continue reading Trusting the Heroes

Caterpillars, Mealworms, and Ants – Oh My!

The study is crawling with critters since the heroes created three habitats this week. There are four ant farms, four mealworm habitats, and fifty Painted Lady caterpillars awaiting a new home when the time is right. It is exciting to see the ants working together to build tunnels, mealworms awake and feeding on food, and … Continue reading Caterpillars, Mealworms, and Ants – Oh My!