Military Heroes’ Journey

Our heroes have reached the end of their Military Quest. Thank you for supporting our heroes during their exhibition. The heroes shared how they believe their exhibition made a difference in the lives of their families and friends. Many heroes talked about how their families learned new things about the military. Some believed that they … Continue reading Military Heroes’ Journey


Countdown to the Military Exhibition

The heroes are so excited for the exhibition. They have been checking the calendar and counting down the days before the exhibition. They have also been reflecting on their military quest during their discussions. Many heroes shared the reasons why they went on a Military quest. Several heroes indicated that they wanted to go on … Continue reading Countdown to the Military Exhibition

Confidence and Competence

Our heroes have been gaining more confidence in completing their tasks, beginning with setting goals and believing that they will meet those goals. They demonstrate confidence in finding solutions to their needs independently, through collaboration, or doing research, reminding each other 3B4G. Their confidence remains even in the midst of mistakes, encouraging one another to … Continue reading Confidence and Competence

Heroes’ Interest in Learning

  Our heroes are making leaps in bounds in their academic progress. An important factor that significantly affects academic progress is interest in learning. Because our heroes have the freedom to learn based on their interests, their attention increases, they process information more deeply and much faster, and they work harder and smarter. Each early … Continue reading Heroes’ Interest in Learning