During our morning discussions this week, our heroes spent some time discussing habits and how they play a role in our everyday lives. As a studio, everyone picked a habit to focus on this week. The heroes had so much insight!   “I think keeping having a place for everything would really help me because … Continue reading


Highly Motivated Heroes

Our heroes are highly motivated in their learning throughout the day. During our discussions, the heroes show eagerness to take turns in sharing previous knowledge or experiences, relating their ideas based on connections they have made, agreeing or disagreeing with friends, or asking thought-provoking questions. When they begin core skills, our heroes’ motivation gives them … Continue reading Highly Motivated Heroes

Learning through Collaboration

Collaboration has helped our heroes think more deeply during discussions, especially when they disagree with an idea or need to convince another hero to agree with them instead of leaving the group. They are developing empathy for others’ perspectives even through arguments and frustrations. They work hard problem-solving and arriving at an agreement to achieve … Continue reading Learning through Collaboration