There have been ups and downs, triumphs and challenges...But we end our second session with so much joy! I am so proud of our heroes and their growth!!! Being on a Hero’s Journey isn’t always easy. It means that things won’t always be perfect. It means constantly striving for growth and pushing yourself-even when you … Continue reading


Success is a Journey … to the Deep

  Our heroes’ journey to the deep truly was a success. Although we do believe that doing is often more important than the outcome, we are so proud of what our heroes were able to accomplish during our marine science quest. From the very beginning of our quest, each hero demonstrated that they have what … Continue reading Success is a Journey … to the Deep

Our Hero’s Journey Continued

This week, the elementary/middle school heroes faced new challenges, changes within the studio, answered difficult questions, and enjoyed the sweet gift of friendship. The Hero’s Journey is an adventure-filled with risks, challenges, joy, struggle, and change-but it also leads to a kind of personal growth that cannot be fabricated. Our heroes have truly been embracing … Continue reading Our Hero’s Journey Continued