Freedom in Learning

Journey Academy heroes embrace their freedom, keeping in mind the true source of our freedom as we have read in Galatians 3, the promise of God through our faith in Jesus. During our Socratic discussions, the heroes affirmed their choice to believe that Jesus lives in us, and so to act like Jesus. So when … Continue reading Freedom in Learning


Weekly Update

During one of our launches this week, our heroes were told the story of a young woman who was facing a difficult dilemma in work. Though this woman (Jeanette) loved her job, a physical disability was preventing her from walking well. Every time she paced down the hallway at her workplace, she was in severe … Continue reading Weekly Update

Great things come from hard work and perseverance, and this week, our the elementary/middle school heroes pushed themselves hard! On Monday, we switched up goal-setting so that each hero set goals for the entire week. This gave some of our heroes a better vision of what they wanted to accomplish long-term, and how their goals … Continue reading

Learning through Play

In our early learners studio, our heroes are learning exponentially as they engage in self-education through play. They learn to solve problems, persist through challenges, build vocabulary skills, and gain background knowledge in many content areas. Each hero is intrinsically motivated to meet challenging goals in developing language, mathematics, and writing skills without pressure, judgment, … Continue reading Learning through Play