Session 6 Reflections

This Session has been an incredible learning opportunity. I am proud of our heroes and the lessons they have learned through this part of the journey. This session has been more challenging than some of our previous adventures: learning to work together as a larger tribe, learning healthy competition, tackling a heavier subject area (Rocket … Continue reading Session 6 Reflections


Preparing for a World-Class Exhibition

2 more school days until our next Exhibition!! Throughout this week, our heroes worked on finalizing their rockets and selecting roles to help host the Exhibition. As a group, they discussed what Excellence means and what they could do to improve their rockets for a quality Exhibition. On Wednesday, our heroes decided they wanted to … Continue reading Preparing for a World-Class Exhibition

The Treasure Within: Lifting Each Other Up

During our closing discussion on Thursday, our heroes recognized ways in which their studio mates were intentional and contributed to the community... One hero made a great referee during P.E. Another used his intellect to help someone  learn new concepts on No Red Ink. Yet another responded to her friends with kindness, and guided them through conflict … Continue reading The Treasure Within: Lifting Each Other Up