Week 10 (2016) -Learning From Challenges, and Thankfulness

The exhibition this week sent some of our young heroes scrambling.¬†On Monday, we reviewed which parts of the project each hero needed to work on the most. We then decided whether limiting distractions or prioritizing from most to least important would help each individual. While a few of our heroes felt they were almost prepared … Continue reading Week 10 (2016) -Learning From Challenges, and Thankfulness


Week 9 (2016) – Prayerfully Considering Politics

This week, Journey Academy focused on celebrating our country and the faith that we were founded upon. We kicked off the week by praying for our nation's leaders and discussing how God can use our leaders to protect us and guide us. There were differing political feelings, but everyone agreed that prayer was necessary regardless … Continue reading Week 9 (2016) – Prayerfully Considering Politics

Week 8 (2016) – The Declaration of Independence

This week marked the halfway point of our second session at Journey Academy. On Monday, our heroes reviewed their session goals (math, reading, writing, and spelling) and re prioritized what they needed to do. Throughout the week, heroes then discussed topics such asIs it more¬†important to keep your end goal in mind or make each … Continue reading Week 8 (2016) – The Declaration of Independence