MHS Newsletter Issue 14 March 18 – 22, 2019

The mhs pressIssue No. 14                                                 March 18 - 22, 2019On Friday the heroes participated in a Skype call with Heather Cousineau, a medical illustrator. The heroes asked Ms. Heather all about her job and what she does.  They also showed her their own medical illustrations of the body systems. After lunch, the heroes dissected a … Continue reading MHS Newsletter Issue 14 March 18 – 22, 2019


Growing Independence

Every day the heroes have been demonstrating confidence in themselves, their relationships with others, and making their own decisions. So on the day when the Heroes ran their own studio, they proved to themselves that they are very much capable of helping one another stay on task and make good choices. They voted on who … Continue reading Growing Independence

Heroes with True Grit

The heroes have been tackling challenging goals throughout the week. They are not easily discouraged by setbacks while conducting their experiments. They work hard strenuously toward challenges and goals, maintaining effort and interest despite failures, trying their best to finish whatever they begin. When they were making slime, the heroes readily faced the challenge without … Continue reading Heroes with True Grit

Multiplying Success through Collaboration

The heroes have been working with their squads, creating an active learning environment wherein each member of the squad is involved and and engaged in working together towards a common goal. As they explored through experimentation in finding different ways to make their paper airplanes and boats, roller coasters, swings, monkey bars, and balloon-powered cars, … Continue reading Multiplying Success through Collaboration

Curiosity Matters

Our young scientists’ quest for answers propelled their curiosity as they worked on their experiments this week. During project time, the heroes embraced their inquisitive nature as they made various mixtures and solutions. They tried their own recipes in making playdough, using and adding different ingredients that resulted in just the right texture they liked. … Continue reading Curiosity Matters